Our SlimBoss Coffee is a new way to start your day. Get the energy you need while burning fat all in a rich, delicious cup of coffee.


Fat-burning coffee that caffeinates all day.
Sip your way to smart and slim—all from your coffee cup! This instant, French roast coffee helps burn fat and fire up your brain function with thermogenic, adaptogenic, metabolism-boosting ingredients. You’ll also experience more energy than ever before with a powerful brew with a ton of perks.


Features and benefits

Accelerates enhanced thermogenesis to actively burn body fat
Intensifies metabolism and energizes body to help manage weight
Fires up focus and concentration with brain-boosting nootropics


Mix a packet of SlimBoss Coffee into 8 oz. of hot or cold water for smooth, black coffee that’s instantly blended (and delicious!). We recommend drinking it as part of your morning routine, or anytime you need a powerful pick-me-up

(UK Only)SlimBoss Coffee (x3)